Program Services

Individual & Group Counseling
Recovery Counseling
Partnerships with Job Training and Readiness Programs
Employment Search and Retention Assistance
Linkage to Health Care and Mental Health Care Services
GED Tutoring
Basic Computer Training
Financial Management Assistance & Training
Life Skills Training
Family Reunification and/or Mediation Assistance
Life Skills Training
Community Dinners
Strategies for Independent Living

Admission Criteria

Homeless or At Imminent Risk of Homelessness
Able to work full-time
History of previous incarceration
Completion of in-patient substance abuse treatment program (minimum 28 days) or 3 years sobriety
Acceptance contingent on Patrick Allison House interview & screening process

At Henrietta Lacks House, we believe that every member of the community has value and potential. The services, skills, resources, and opportunities we deliver are all offered with the purpose of supporting individual men exiting incarceration in maximizing their potential and enabling their journey to independence, self-sufficiency, and responsibility.

 Henrietta Lacks House provides a safe and stable home, assistance in getting and maintaining full-time employment, support for recovery, and many skills, resources, and opportunities to build a solid foundation for a better life. Henrietta Lacks House is not a warehouse for men. Our program is intentionally small. We serve up to 8 residents at a time, which enables us to tailor our efforts to meet the needs of each individual and creates a positive and supportive group dynamic between residents that often lasts well after people have graduated from the Henrietta Lacks House.

Before acceptance into the program, each individual must successfully complete an eligibility screening and a personal interview. Once accepted, residents receive individual and group counseling, recovery counseling, linkage to mental health and health care services, connections to job training and readiness programs, GED tutoring, job search assistance, basic computer training, life skills training, financial management assistance, and aftercare.

The Henrietta Lacks House program requires participants to be employed within 30 days of admission. Most program participants are initially employed through our partnership with Living Classrooms Foundation’s Project SERVE, a paid employment training program of the Living Classrooms Foundation. We provide residents with intensive assistance in finding employment.

Once residents are employed, they open a personal savings account into which they are required to deposit 50% of their net earnings. A typical resident saves $4,000 to $5,000 during his stay at Henrietta Lacks House. These funds assist program participants in attaining permanent housing upon graduation from the program. We also provide each resident with financial management assistance and training to develop positive and sustainable monetary habits. 

For those with a history of substance abuse; affiliation with AA/NA, securing a sponsor, and attending a minimum of three weekly AA/NA meetings is required for a resident’s ongoing participation in the program.

Length of stay varies from six months to two years depending on an individual’s needs. The average length of stay is six to eight months. Henrietta Lacks House provides a healing environment with intensive counseling and tailored recovery plans in a safe, home-like surrounding.

The services at the Henrietta Lacks House are an effective intervention to the destructive cycle of homelessness, unemployment, addiction, and incarceration. Addressing these issues is critical to improving the lives of individual members of our community and to the well being of the Baltimore City community as a whole. Our goal is for each of our residents to leave the program with permanent housing, full-time employment, secure sobriety, and the ability to avoid re-involvement with the criminal justice system. HLH has developed and maintained collaborative partnerships with a broad array of community service providers in order to provide program participants with the broadest possible range of high quality services in the most coordinated and efficient manner possible.